Agricultural machinery catalog

A healthy lifestyle is rapidly gaining momentum. More and more people around the world get a bit of sense of proper nutrition. That’s the reason why increasingly more agricultural machinery companies manufacture tractors for cultivating and harvesting by meeting more challenging eco-standards. What’s remarkable is that in spite of the rich variety of agricultural machinery (plow, cultivator, seeders, etc.), used tractors remain the most wide-spread self-propelled farm vehicles.

Agricultural tractors are crucial when it comes to transporting, seeding, planting and hauling in the farming industry. All of them are able to effectively cope with the tasks in agriculture. Due to their high power and versatility, some models can also be used in construction and public utilities.

Classification of tractors

  1. Based on purpose.
  2. General purpose for all types of tractors come down to agricultural and gardening applications. Universally row crop vehicles are used for sowing and inter-row cultivation, whereas all purpose tractors get applied for work in special conditions.

  3. Based on the chassis.
  4. These are tracked, half-tracked and wheeled tractors. The latter are distinguished by the greatest maneuverability and versatility, staying perfectly suited for both in-field and transportation applications.

  5. Based on traction frame.
  6. Those are allocate frame, semi-frame and frameless tractors.

  7. Based on the traction effort.
  8. The classification of tractors by traction force determines the possibility of aggregating special equipment with various implements and machines.

Special tractors can also classified by rated hook pull force (HCT).

John Deere tractors ready to complete any task

The versatile John Deere tractors are powerful, unpretentious, easy-to-use vehicles, great helpers for any farm. There is pretty much no operation John Deere’s can’t handle.

No farmer will be able to get past John Deere agricultural units, which will certainly be among the key bidders for the acquisition, since they are in great demand in the business with good reason.

All John Deere products have great operation indicators such power, durability, functionality, energy conservation, while maintaining a convenient driver experience.

Equipment allowing to ensure high operational efficiency:

Case tractors – powerful machines for performance you want

What Case IH manufactures has long been recognized and respected by farmers around the world for many years. Having long and firmly gained a reputation as one of the best manufacturers, the company continues to be among the largest makers of machines for rural use under various conditions.

The whole Case IH machinery range is defined by using modern components and assemblies. Used tractors are highly reliable, allowing to use a great amount of attachments and expanding the scope of applications.

There is an individual approach to the production of agricultural machinery traced in each representative of the Case IH tractors for sale. Any single model has certain design features and advantages. At the same time, regardless of their operational performance and scope, all Case tractors are among most versatile farming units that easily wide with a wide range of agricultural tasks.

Models from the Case IH are equipped with all you need for long-term farming operation under high loads. Their main advantages comprise of maneuverability, endurance, stability regardless of the type of soil and the quality of the road surface, as well as a high working resource.

New Holland tractors designed to meet farmers’ needs

Mini tractors and tractors of the New Holland model range are manufactured in line with most advanced top-notch technologies. They are distinguished from agricultural machines of other brands by build quality, great functionality as well as the ability to work in almost any climatic conditions. All tractors undergo comprehensive tests, therefore they meet high quality standards.

That's the areas use New Holland compact tractors excel at:

Although used New Holland tractors have impressive dimensions, it doesn’t prevent the operator from feeling combortable managing them. For all its power, it emits little noise and does not pollute the environment, complying with all eco-requirements.

These highly-effective vehicles are widely used not only in harvesting, animal husbandry and agriculture for the purpose of cultivating the field, but also in sowing, fertilizing, and spraying crops. To carry out diverse work, powerful tractors are used by construction companies, as well as road, utilities and logging enterprises.